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Flipping a House for the First Time? Here Are 3 Things to Look Out For

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Hard money rehab loans

You’ve worked hard your entire life building your main career, and all that money you’re making is going toward bills and your savings accounts, but wouldn’t a lucrative second job, that you actually enjoy, be great to have some serious side cash that can be used for vacations, entertainment, and just relaxing with your family?

Flipping a home can be a great second source of income and one that can actually be a lot of fun. You have to be serious about this, however, as it can become quite the financial issue if you begin a project and don’t see it through its entirety.

Here are a few things to watch out for when starting your second source of income as a house flipper.

Underestimating the Financing

One of the biggest issues first-time house flippers face is they underestimat

A Few Reasons That Investing In Real Estate Might Be For You

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Should i invest in property

The world is constantly changing. That is an obvious notion to most all of us. We want to invest our money and time into areas that will give us the most benefit, and finding those areas in which to invest sometimes seems scary, leaving us unsure if what we are doing is best for us and our families.

When you look at what has been a quality, long-term investment for generations, you see real estate as the most viable option. You might have asked yourself, “Should I invest in real estate?” or “Should I invest in property?” a number of times before. Perhaps you have considered it but don’t know where to start.

One facet of real estate that can be quite lucrative is commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is a proper

How to Reduce Your Debt With Annuity Sales

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Lump sum annuity payout

Too many Americans struggle with debt. Our country lives off of debt. You can purchase cars and homes that are out of your price reach, if you agree to take on a large amount of debt. You make monthly payments to this debt for many years. If you miss one of the payments, however, your credit is ruined and you are at risk of losing your car or your home. You are still left with the debt, even if you become unable to pay it. It will follow you for many years and it will prevent you from purchasing any additional homes or large purchases. Large amounts of debt often bring feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.

In addition to the many Americans who struggle with debt, many people are also annuity payment receivers. You would think that if you won the lottery or received a large lawsuit settlement