What to Watch Out For When Metal Roofing – Chester County Homes


com looks at how to be sure to avoid the most common mistakes made in metal roofing.

An error most professional roofers can commit is that they do not lap the roof panels made of metal correctly. You should make sure that your short lip will cover any lip that is wide or fat. This can be done by placing the fat lip to the side first.

Another error that can be made is setting screws wrongly. Screws shouldn’t bend towards the sheet of metal or washer that surrounds the screws. It is important that the screw does not become loose. Once you’ve installed the screw make sure to check the washer to determine if it is able to move it. If so, the screw is loose.

Sealant is a wonderful option, but it’s not advisable to have over. It is not advisable to rely on sealant to waterproof your home. It is susceptible to being affected by the sun or wet weather.

People allow their panels to hang too high or high from their roofing. The overhang should be one and a half to two inches is suggested. This is for the roof’s lower edge as well as the Gable edges.

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