40 Seconds and 6 Flipped Semis Later Todays Entertainment News

powerlines and trees. These can lead to a myriad of issues such as closed roads or power failures. A tree may fall on a house and cause a death. Do not think of ignoring the power of nature.

Derechos are strong lines of wind. They can reach well over 100 miles/hour. They can cause significant damages on straight lines. Semi-trucks are especially at the risk. Due to their large flat trailers, they are easily flipped over. This gives a large space for wind to push against. That’s what you’ll see in the clip.

It is clear that strong winds take one semi truck and then another. Some of the trucks lay still along the sides of the highway. There were some parked in the middle that resulted in traffic being backed up. This can take lots of effort, time and tow truck and auto body repair solve. None of the victims sustained grave injuries due to these semi-tipped trucks. It’s the only thing that matters.


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