How Does Steel Recycling Work? – Reference

Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, it has been at the forefront of growth and development. Metal is utilized in a variety of applications which include the manufacturing of kitchen utensils and the high-rises of construction.
But have you ever wondered how recycling of steel can assure that we have a steady supply of the important metal? Watch the video above and read on to learn more.
The initial step in the recycling of steel involves the recycling of scrap metal. The majority of scrap metal is derived in the form of scrap cars and consumer scrap. After it has been collected, it can be sort and separated by magnetic sensors as well as magnets.
Once the metal is sorted and separated, it’s cut into pieces and then melted over an enormous fire in accordance with various types. In order to ensure the product’s top quality is maintained, the molten metal must be cleaned. After purification, the steel is cooled off for solidification as per specific shape like bars. This is an interesting article. Check out the video on the following link for more information on how recycling steel works. ja9j6nszo6.

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