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Learn more about tick, heartworm and flea control. Dogs can develop heart disease because of heartworm. Fleas, on the other of them, may cause anemia in dogs as well as spreading Lyme disease.
Check that your dog’s weight is in good shape and weighs a healthy amount.

Numerous serious ailments may be related to overweight. They include joint pain as well as diabetic. It is important to keep your dog’s weight in an acceptable range. It is possible to avoid an overly-weight dog by consuming the best quality food. It’s not enough, however. Also, you must ensure that your dog is fed the right amounts. The majority of food bags come with guidelines that will guide you to determine the requirements for food for your dog’s weight. Consult your veterinarian about how much food your need for your pet each day.

Be cautious with regards to how much treats your dog is given. While treats are excellent to train your dog, it is important not to offer your dog too much. Be aware that treats also have calories. Just as you’d expect when you give your dog much treats could cause it to gain weight. The amount of treats you give your dog should not be less than 10% of the dog’s daily calories. Switch to low-calorie snacks that help your dog’s well-being if you are able to. For example, baby carrots, pieces of apple and cucumber.

Your dog gets plenty of exercise

ensuring that your dog gets plenty of exercise is another great way to ensure it remains healthy. Make sure you are aware that different breeds have different requirements for exercise. So, you must study the required exercise of your dog. Ask your vet what amount of exercise your dog requires. While some breeds can do well with a brief stroll around the block there are some high-energy breeds which require at least an hour of intense activity twice every day. The dog’s body is in great shape by exercising regularly.


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