Rochester Video Remediating the Environment of Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake is a popular destination for Rochester tourists. People who go to the area don’t understand what’s happening inside the closed-doors of Saranac Lake to conserve the natural beauty of Saranac Lake. It is currently in the process of eco-remediation, which is the process of getting rid of coal sand. This video will describe how and why the coal was found.

This area was the home of the gasoline plant which employed coal as fuel from the 1800s. Coal byproducts have contaminated the groundwater and soil, and expanded to other regions. It is the reason that remediation activities must be carried out to eliminate all contamination and keep it from spreading further. Efforts are also taken to prevent dust from ever leaving the property, as well as maintain the natural odor. For Rochestarians the good for them, as once the construction is completed the visitors to Saranac Lake will be able to continue to enjoy its wonders that it has to provide. 8ssucahze4.

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