What the Top Paid Lawyers in America Specialize In – Law Terminology


Gaming law forms the primary focus of a criminal lawyer for casinos. The casino crime lawyer represents people who have been being accused of violating the laws which pertain to gambling. Experience gained from this can assist them to understand the best approach in defending the rights of their clients. These lawyers may have the ability to represent people who have been accused of running an illegal gambling operation, laundering money, or soliciting prostitutes from customers. The pari-mutuel (PMU) laws are an area of specialization specifically for attorneys of this kind which deals with legal matters surrounding events like horse races or greyhound races. They rank one of the top-paid attorneys across America

Medical Malpractice Law

The law of medical malpractice is complicated. It requires a vast understanding regarding medical procedures as well as medical care. They represent their clients in court against physicians, hospitals nursing homes, pharmaceutical corporations and other healthcare professionals. These lawyers may be involved in litigation involving product liability, including defective drugs and medical equipment.

A medical malpractice attorney deals with the legal aspects of medical malpractice. People who feel they’ve been injured or lost their loved ones due to the fault of caused by a physician, nurse pharmacist, hospital or other provider or healthcare provider can obtain legal help from medical malpractice lawyers. The healthcare providers that are proven guilty could be sent to prison and subject to financial sanctions that could cause major lawsuits.

Product Liability Law

They represent their clients in lawsuits against manufacturers, retailers and designers. These attorneys are among the highest-paid lawyers in America. They are able to help clients with cases against manufacturers, designers, as well as retailers.

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