Understanding Diversity in the Workplace – Freelance Weekly

This is one of the most important aspects. If you’re not sure the meaning of diversity and what it looks like in practice, this video is perfect for you. Through this clip, you’ll learn about equity and inclusion as well as diversity. You will also discover the most effective practices to implement them at your business.

It is crucial to be aware of diversity. It refers to the shared experiences of all individuals in a firm or group. It is not the number of people belonging to a specific gender or race. Likewise, inclusion is the significance of the background of an individual. It is not a requirement to assume the other. Also, equality and equity do not mean the same thing and are quite opposite. In contrast, equity accepts different perspectives and takes decisions on them and equality strives to be inclusive. All of the time it is clear that people are not same. This basic assumption is the basis to true diversity in the workplace. ojzpltw1pk.

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