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Below, we have answers to a few common questions you may have about dental implant for tooth replacement.

Are bone grafts required for dental implants?
Most of the time, they are needed to build enough bone the implant to its place. Bone grafts can be a popular procedure to increase the bone to ensure the bone is sturdy enough to support the implant , and keep it.

Implants are possible to all of your teeth?
While this is an accepted technique, it’s quite expensive.

Are dental implants bad for your health?
It’s not true that there’s no need to stress about the dental implants and overall well-being. Actually, they can help your health by allowing you to eat healthy foods in the past, but it’s impossible to do this when you had a tooth missing.

Are dental implants uncomfortable?
An implant’s placement can be uncomfortable, but after it heals and heals, you should experience no discomfort with a tooth implant. Implants do not feel any, and once your gums have been healed you won’t be able to feel the implant. ybgoy4bdsb.

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