Comparing Car Window Tints – Free Car Magazines

Most car owners are not conscious of the different types of window tints which give different degrees of protection and different styles. This video from a professional window tinter takes you through the different options that can be found.
This video illustrates how tint influences light penetration and how it differs between vehicles.
Knowing the various levels of tint is important to those who are considering tinting. Window films come in a variety of shades that are extremely dark, and can give complete privacy. Some are not so dark and provide heat exchange as well as reduction in glare.
This film will assist the user to comprehend their tint choices and help them make an informed choice on which tint will be the best for their automobile. A few states restrict the usage of dark tints for motor vehicles. For a better understanding of whether you’re on the safe side of the law check with the DMV in your state before tinting your vehicle windows.

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