15 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips – House Killer

Additionally, you’ll understand that what you need to pay attention to when hiring an AC unit to another person.
The first step you need to do is open the condenser. Condenser coils should be looked after and cleaned on a regular basis. Check any mouse nest and search for broken wires or connectors as they could be a cause of poor performance. The capacitor is another aspect that you must be aware of.
The insulation of the suction line is essential and understanding how to use it can help you maintain the AC more efficiently. Other than this it is also important to make sure that you are maintaining the proper level of your system.
Before operating test run the air conditioner in the season, to prevent issues when you require it. Moreover, kick start condenser fan for the season as well. Do a temperature drop to find out if the AC is cooling enough.
Remove the drain line for condensate and fitting. Replace the filters on the air regularly. Additionally, inspect the wheel of the blower as also the capacitor. Close humidifier damper to make sure the unit is functioning efficiently. Additionally, ensure to keep the returns and vents open and clear and replace the thermostat battery regularly. q2fmsm2vdv.

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