Criminal Psychology The Common Motives for Crimes – E-Library

one of the most fascinating fields of research in science to many people, particularly in America. Crime is commonplace across all cultures. Media exploits this interest to make more mystery and murder shows. The entire genre of mysteries revolves around the idea of motive for crime, so there’s no reason to be surprised that experts are busy in the development of study results that highlight some of the main motives behind killing. In this short video, we uncover the main motive behind why the vast majority of murderers do the things they do.

The majority of murders committed out of pure enjoyment However, one of hundred eighty-eight murders is carried out to secure a large payout from life insurance agents. Many crimes that are common are motivated by money, which can lead to many unpleasant acts. The majority of murders related to alcohol. This begs the question of the degree of safety drinking is. A quarter of murders in the United States are committed out of revenge. One-in-five murders occur while intoxicated. While not every murder needs a motive like in the films, the majority were committed by someone who didn’t plan to commit murder.


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