How to Reset Your Cars Electrical System – Fast Car Video

If you have to reset your system, it’s important to make it a proper process, or it could result in warning lights flashing when the problem has solved. The video below will demonstrate how to reset your system properly after an electric repair.

To find codes, make use of the scanner, and then connect it to the connector port for datalink. When the car is on but the engine off, you are able to erase the DTCs from your car. To reset your car completely However, you’ll require a expensive device. You don’t need to spend $5k for an inexpensive tool.

Use a socket wrench to remove the terminals. You can take the vehicle’s CPU out and pull the cover off to expose the internal electronics. Connect a resistor between each terminal. It should drain over about 10 mins.

The resistor connects the positive and negative , and prevents any problems associated with draining excessively fast and blowing out important modules for the computer. Reassemble everything and then you’re ready to go.

Take a look at this video for more details on car electrical repair.


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