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er 7?
No. It’s not true.

Can tax debts be discharged by bankruptcy?
Yes. Yes.

Only Chapter 7 can be discharged only if it meets the five requirements listed above.
1. The taxpayer is not trying to avoided tax.
2. The tax returns are not false.
3. The tax returns are due at the least for two years following a bankruptcy filing.
4. Three years minimum are needed to file a return.
5. The tax assessment minimum is due within 240 days.

Do bankruptcy tax debts get eliminated in bankruptcy?
It is possible to release them by agreeing with the IRS to make partial payment and then pardon the remainder. Alternately, the period of payment could be extended by paying smaller, manageable installments to the IRS over a period of time.

Every state has specific rules for the administration of the bankruptcy laws. It’s essential to find out the rules that apply to your state. z8v8r1f8qb.

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