How to Save Money on BMW Services – Custom Wheels Direct

These cars are pricey and may require lots of upkeep. To save money on your visit to the repair shop, it’s helpful to know what you can do for fundamental BMW maintenance yourself. The video below outlines a couple of ways to make money prior to your trip to the repair shop.

First thing to purchase is the CEL scanner for yourself. If you experience an indicator light for check engine or any other type of indication, you could use this scanner for diagnosing the issue. Simply plug it into the port located underneath your steering wheel and let it do the job. You can identify the problem and see what the solution is. Avoid going to the market if it’s within your reach.

The other thing you want to make sure you know in the shop. This can be done with your CEL scanner. Instead of saying “Hey I’m in need of some tune-ups” that is extremely broad, you could be able to state “Hey, I need my oil changed, as well as my oil being changed.” You’ll be in control of the costs and let the mechanic do the job.

The full details can be found in the video.


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