Ultimate Guide for Devices for Graft Delivery – Code Android


All are used and available with vented or non-vented options. It’s a one-stop solution, which makes it easier to deliver and helps with storage. The vents that are used in vented configurations are for hydrating and saturating materials. However, the non-venting configurations allow materials to be pre-filled with no requirement for hydration.

High-viscosity bone material is extracted with transplant delivery devices that feature a broad bores and caps with tapered edges. A variety of sizes for cannulas, that range from 5cm through 10cm, up to 15cm, enable you to transfer graft material specific surgical locations. Ventilated models can be fitted with female Luer adapters, that can connect to regular siringes. To ensure uniform dispersion of liquids through material, you may pair graft delivery device with a tubular option.

A good choice of graft-delivery devices are big finger flanges, which allow for one-hand use and more grip. If you would like more details on how to customize our delivery devices, contact specialists.


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