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The next step following cleaning is to apply a primer coat made of stucco cleaner. This primer coat creates solid bonds between stucco and the existing surface. The stucco installer will then apply the basecoat. This is which is the principal layer to create the final appearance of stucco. The basecoat is composed from cement, sand and water. It is applied using a trowel.
After the basecoat is completely dried, it is smoothed using a roller. The topcoat then can be placed over the basecoat. Mixing cement and sand with water to accomplish this. The use of a roller to smooth the topcoat.

When the topcoat has been installed, the stucco resealing service will employ an application brush to spread the mixture evenly across the wall. If required, they will give the stucco a texture.
After drying and the stucco is sealed, it’s time to seal it. The walls are usually painted white. But, if you’d like to keep the color of your home, the stucco may also be painted. k6uedicr9u.

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