How to Run a Successful Beachside Bed and Breakfast in Alaska – Bed & Breakfast Inn

For a company, they must comply with the local building codes. Also, the building inspector may request a building plan prior to construction begins. The plans contain information regarding the location, height in inches, the amount, and the occupation of all buildings within the property. In addition, there are doors, flooring repairs, wood, CCTV systems, kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial glass door installations. It’s important to be aware of where electric and gas fixtures were installedand which cables were utilized to assure fire safety. The fire inspector will also look into energy installations including commercial heating fuels, as well as how to manage the installation. It is essential to provide any improvements to elevators or installations.
Fire Safety and Building Permits

Once you’ve met the conditions of the state, you can apply for the building permit. Building permit applications should include a plan review application and the construction document. The office of the fire marshal will examine and determine the fee for the review of the plans. The process can last up some weeks. Every sleeping space must have the fire alarm, as required by legislation in the state. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide sensors must be fitted in every bedroom which includes the basement as well as kitchen. Each bedroom must have the option of having escape windows. Additionally, there is a requirement to have emergency lighting as well as exit signs as well as HVAC units. Breakfast and bed-and-breakfast operators that do not fall under the definition of public accommodations must follow the same rules that residential property owners do.

Department of Environmental Conservation

The environmental health department has established guidelines for the proper operation of breakfast or bed at the beaches of Alaska. This agency examines all catering and food service establishments and offers training. Its rules for accommodations for the public include guidelines on architecture, landscaping and hygiene.


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