Does Your Dentist Offer These Disability-Friendly Dental Services? – Prevent Tooth Decay

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TTY/TDD Services

Dental offices must be equipped with TTY/TDD accessibility due to the difficulties in communicating with hard-of hearing patients. TTY (also known as Teletypewriter is a telecommunication device that allows people who suffer from hearing impairments, deafness, hearing, or have speech impairments to communicate by phone. TDD (also known as Telecommunications device) For the Deaf, is an alternative device. It is the keyboard as a substitute for a keypad. Hard-of-hearing and deaf people are able to use phones to communicate with their dentists via text or video. Dental practitioners have the potential to make accessing dental care for those with disabilities much easier by providing such advanced tools.

Qualified Interpreters

To ensure that a dental practice can operate efficiently and efficiently it is essential to think about hiring qualified interpreters for the deaf and difficult to hear. In addition, it will be helpful for deaf people or people who are hard of hearing, but it will also benefit patients with difficulty communicating with English. An experienced interpreter is in a dental practice to assist staff in understanding and address patients with disabilities. It can help make the visiting to the dentist more enjoyable and enjoyable for all.

Large Print and Braille Materials

Many dental clinics consider it paramount to ensure their patients have a positive experience. This means taking steps to implement ways they can offer disability-friendly dental services to patients. People with disabilities in their vision can be provided with braille and large print accessible. This is especially important for patients with low sight or who are blind as they’re able read and complete the forms. This can help people with disabilities to communicate wit


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