How A Cesspool Pumper Empties A Septic Tank – Blogging Information

Cleaning out the septic tank could be intimidating and difficult. There are many steps that every cesspool cleaner must follow to get the task completed. This is the step-by-step procedure of the way a septic tank is empty.

The first step is to find the tank in the yard of your client. Many customers will know where the tank is at and are able to locate it. Tanks are usually located about a foot deep. Once the tank is found, you have to locate the lid at the bottom of the tank to remove it. If the customer has already excavated the tank, it should be fairly easy to find, plus the client is usually given an incentive to do this.

Once the lid has been removed the pump will be run from the truck into the tank to eliminate the waste. Solids are usually eliminated from the tank and the tank is then inspected for any issues to ensure all components work properly.

It’s not difficult to flush the septic tank. It’s something that homeowners should try to stay on top of and keep an eye on. Take a look at the video posted on this page for a detailed explanation of the procedure.


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