What Are the Side Effects of Methadone? – Caregiver and Assisted Living News

Methadone is a drug that has the potential for some adverse negative effects. It’s best to be aware of these when your physician recommends it. In this regard, Dr. Barbara Wisemer M.D. The viewer is briefly informed about the most frequently occurring adverse effects of methadone. The effects can last until a full year.

For example, she states that within a few hours following a methadone dosage the patient may be very restless. Additionally, there are many other causes that can cause nausea than methadone. The condition usually goes away quickly. Methadone can also cause itching. It is a bother However, it’s a secondary problem that, in the majority people, is not a problem for long after taking methadone.

Constipation is one of the side effects that lasts. This is also the most frequent reaction that occurs when you take this medicine and is not likely to go away in time like the other adverse side negative effects.

While the video is short It answers any concerns patients might have regarding some of the common side effects that come with methadone.


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