How a New Roof Can Increase Your Homes Energy Efficiency – Home Efficiency Tips

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Solar reflective roofs are not only able to reduce cooling costs but also protect your roof from ultraviolet radiation. Roofs are exposed to intense ultraviolet radiationthat can cause irreparable harm and premature aging. When you reflect sun’s rays off your roofing you can protect it from the damage, and also extend the life of your roof. Solar reflective roofing is something you should be considering if you’re looking for ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption and costs. To get the most precise advice on which roofing product is the best for you, ask a roofing business.


The roofing of your house is vital to reducing energy bills and ensuring your home is comfortable all year. Insulation is a great way to boost the effectiveness of your roof. Additionally, you will enjoy all the advantages of installing a brand new roofing. Insulation helps prevent heat loss in the colder months and lessens stress on the cooling system in the summer seasons. Most homeowners are unaware of the importance of insulation when looking at the expense of replacing their roof. Insulation acts as a barrier between your home and outside world. Insulation keeps your home warm by keeping heat in your home from escaping in colder months, and heat inside your home from rising in hotter months.

There are various kinds of insulation that are available. Fiberglass insulation is the most popular form, available in rolls or batts. Fiberglass insulation comes from recycled glass and can be extremely efficient as an insulation. Foam insulation can also be comprised of polyurethane, as well as different materials. Foam insulation, although much more effective than fiberglass insulation, it is much more costly.

If you are considering installing a brand new roof for your home, speak with various roofing companies regarding energy-efficient options. Many roofing firms offer energy-efficient items, like reflective roofing coatings. Though a new roof might cost a lot of money however, it’s well worth the effort.


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