What Is a DO and How Do They Differ From MD? – News Articles About Health

If you are a patient of an primary care doctor you are likely to have an MD. Did you know of a DO, or an osteopath? This video will clarify the difference between MDs, DOs, as in addition to how their training and education differ. The primary difference that separates these two doctors apart is the fact that DOs practice osteopathic manipulative therapy, which is similar to a kind of physical therapy. It’s direct and hands-on. It is a method of manipulating bodily tissues. This therapy can replace medication or surgery, and treat numerous ailments. DOs are instructed to think of the body in its entirety and to consider the body’s ability to heal itself.

Apart from their differences in educational qualifications, MDs and DOs share similarities in their residency. They’re getting more similar with every passing year. They’re both legally recognised and have a lot of overlap in how they do their work. They’re not in any way better than each other. k6cg27cpux.

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