Common Car Accident Injuries – Kenya Society of Physiotherapists

Most people are lucky enough not to suffer severe injuries. There are, nevertheless, incidents that are a result of injuries and these usually are included in these. They are among the most frequent. Neck injuries are extremely common. The most common kind of accident happens in one that involves a rear-end collision. Your car is stopped, and the one that comes after it hits you strikes the car. Your head is bent and the seat press against your head. Seatbelts protect your life when you are in the car, however it can trigger a number of issues in your body when the vehicle is struck. The muscles of your neck are responsible for sending a large number of nerve signals to your head. The concussion is a common injury. It can cause irritation, light sensitivities, difficulties in focusing, as well as headaches. The most common complaint is middle back discomfort. After a car accident it is possible that your spine will be out of alignment. After an accident, your chest may get swollen by your seat belt. Back pain in the lower back is typical. When you are holding the wheel of your car and you feel the pain of your hand or arms. ugjl8g6vul.

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