What is HIIT? – How To Stay Fit

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.

The method of exercise involves being active for a limited period , and then taking a break before getting back into the routine with a break. You are able to decide when your rest time or work periods are. Most workouts last between four and twenty minutes.

This method works for any sort of exercise, provided the exercise is performed at intense intensity. The rest periods are done through jogging or walking or stretching. There are many benefits to this.

The time spent at the gym, so it’s easier to fit into a timetable. No equipment is needed to have a good workout, so visiting the gym isn’t all the time mandatory. It is possible to add variety through varying the workouts completed, provided the protocol is followed. There are many who have the ability to maintain. Training with high intensity has been shown to improve the retention of oxygen. Certain people believe that this kind of exercise aids in improving oxygen intake in the long run. A HIIT workout can burn twice more calories than a 60-minute cardio session, it could also help you shed more weight. gq3dcl8o18.

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