7 Simple Tools Every DIY Butcher Needs – Tips to Save Money


A good set of tools makes it easy to prepare your food items.
With the right tools, you make your meat yourself. All the tools that are mentioned in the video can be found on Amazon. It is not necessary travel far in order to locate them.
Every DIY butcher needs the tools that are listed below to not only get excellent results, but also to appreciate the process. Being prepared will cut the strain of processing your meat.
A boning hook. Boning hooks are great tools that keep fingers and hands secure and exact when cutting.
Steak knife or breaking knife approximately 9 to 10 inches
Boning Knife. A stiff-bladed knife.
Steel. Fine or medium-coarse steel maintains a clean edge to your blade.
Spreader. Securely hangs the meat and maintains its stability.
The meat saw. The best size for a general-purpose saw that is suitable for this use is a meatsaw of 25 inches.
Block and tackle. Allows you to move meat about and then lift it up.
Get your butcher’s supplies now.

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