What to Expect at Your Erectile Dysfunction Examination – Mens Health Workouts

Whatever the prevalence of ED can be, you’re not a doubt worried about interacting with your physician. This video will provide you with an understanding of the disease to help you prepare for your evaluation for erectile dysfunction.

There’s currently no test that will be able to tell if an individual is suffering from Erectile dysfunction. Although your experience with sexual activity will be the most important factor when determining your condition However, your doctor could also run some tests. Your doctor will want to know the truth and be transparent about the things you’ve experienced and the stressors that may be the cause of your inability or unwillingness to have an erection. However doctors will likely run blood tests to confirm your levels of testosterone and glucose levels, which decrease with age. Additionally, a neuropsychological examination could be needed in order to determine whether the issue isn’t hormonal. Sometimes you might also need an ultrasound scan to confirm that there are no obstructions impeding circulation of blood.

The most effective treatment for you will depend on the results of the erectile dysfunction test. Your best option for treatment is based on your age tests, results from the test, and the underlying medical condition. Your physician will be knowledgeable in determining the ideal alternative for treating your ED. uccib76rdb.

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