How to Tell if Your Car Tires Are Expired – Custom Wheels Direct

The safety aspect is the most vital component of a vehicle. Auto tires are prone to wear and should be replaced every few years. Find out how to verify the date of expiration.

After being manufactured, car tires last anywhere from seven to nine years.

Things that impact the condition of an automobile Tire
* Road condition
* The temperature
* The Weather
* Mileage

Evidence of deterioration on a Car Tire
* Dry Rot
Rubber begins to crack at seams.
* Visible tread wear indicator line
They look like worn rubber which indicate the time is right to change the tires.
* Bumps on the tire
If there is a bulge on the tire you need to change the tire immediately, as this could cause an air leak.

What is the best way to tell the expiry Date
Each car tire is stamped with the DOT code. The numbers represent the manufacturing date. The first two digits indicate the manufacturing week The last two numerals represent the year of manufacturing. This will also tell you how old the tires were.

In order to ensure the safety of person driving and the passengers as well as the vehicle make sure you keep an eye on the condition of its tires. juwsqlf7h7.

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