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Want to learn how you can live off grid legally and want to know where to check for local and state-wide laws and regulations, check out the state’s website. Also, you can find out details about local laws in your county courthouse or public library.
Find permits and licenses.

There are required permits and permits before you’re allowed to go off grid. In the case of your area, you may need permission to build your house, connect it to utilities, or even have a septic tank installed. To determine the permit required, check with your local building department or Zoning Office. If you plan to hunt or fish off-grid, you might require a permit. If you want more details, make contact with the state fish and game department. If you are planning to stay off the grid for a while It is essential to obtain permits and licenses. Unfortunately, licenses also require funds, so ensure you factor that into your budget.

Make sure you are ready to be inspected

If you’re living off-grid, it’s likely that you’re getting the type of inspections that people who live off grid. However, that doesn’t suggest that you can’t get inspected. If someone has a complaint about the property, or is having any environmental concerns with it, inspections will be conducted. If you’re using a wood burner stove to warm your home, like, for instance, the EPA might come inspect it and make sure that it is compliant with the emission standards. If you’re raising your animals off grid or on a farm, your home could be monitored by the USDA or other agencies. You should prepare for inspections and ensure your property is compliant with all applicable codes. Additionally, it is recommended that you hire reliable contractors, like one that offers a top-quality well drilling service, to work on the property to ensure everything is up to par.

Know Your Rights

If you’re considering living off grid, it’s essential to be aware of your rights. In the case of example, you may have the option of building an apartment on


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