The Environmental Effect of Recycling Steel – Akron Manufacturing News

It’s among the most earth-destroying materials. This video from YouTube will show exactly what happens at a metal salvage firm using steel and why it continues to pose a threat. We’ll find out what is possible to do to alleviate the problem.

Do you realize that steel gets more recycled than glass, plastic and copper? In the process, it must be broken down and used for various purposes. Steel is still an important pollutant. For most people, that isn’t logical, since it’s recyclable. It isn’t created with recycled material.

Scraps from fridges and old cars are used to make lots of steel that could be reused by companies such as the one in Australia. The process of melting these materials is even greener because it doesn’t require as more energy than making fresh steel. The problem is that just a third every year’s new steel originates from scraps. Rest of the iron ore is used to mine new steel.

For further information on the work of a salvage metal company, you can see the rest of the video.


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