What Do Antitrust Lawyers Do? – Legal Fees Deductible

The federal government played a role with the dismantling of monopolies in the past and continues do so today. The supreme court was worried about how a business that was extremely big did not serve the American people. But, it has become a subject that is much more commonplace in the past decade. Antitrust lawyers as well like the government in general, adhere to the standard of consumer welfare. It doesn’t look at the size , or the profitability of a company to be an issue so long as they aren’t causing harm to consumers. It’s not in a vacuum. Antitrust lawyers continue to work for the American citizens to show that large corporations have caused harm. Because competition is crucial to living in a free society, the lawyers are working at ensuring that consumers are protected from the dangers of monopolies in business across all industries and markets. oltuu48egw.

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